Client: Zynga

My Role: Sr. UI / UX Designer

I led UI on major game features from creation to delivery and executed the creation of multiple successful templated quest systems.  There was a weekly delivery cadence of new features and content to keep our users engaged.


'CityVille [was] the largest game on Facebook by monthly active users, according to AppData. In CityVille, our players build the city of their dreams. Players can build homes, businesses, famous landmarks and public buildings to grow their city. In addition, players can socialize within cities with their family and friends by asking them to help by working in community buildings, such as police departments, or by building franchises, such as toy stores. CityVille surpassed 61 million MAUs within the first 50 days after launch.'


• Social game of the year 2011 - Interactive Achievement Awards
Most monthly active users for an application ever on Facebook - Gamasutra